D.C. plans 'citywide blitz' to collect all old trash cans

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJLA) - Finally, D.C. residents have an answer to the long-standing question of, "What do we do with these old trash cans?"

The D.C. Department of Public Works announced Friday that - after much grumbling from residents about old trash cans lying around for ages after new "Supercans" were recently handed out - it will conduct a "citywide blitz" to remove all old cans.

"District residents have indicated they want the old cans removed," city officials said in a statement Friday. "More than 60,000 cans have been collected, but there are many thousands more that remain in alleys and along city streets, awaiting removal."

Officials said they have been responding to some requests for removal of old cans, but that the sheer number of cans needing removal has been overwhelming.

“We have had requests to remove thousands of old, unwanted cans and when we go to these addresses, we find two, three and four times the number of cans for which we have requests, and that volume overwhelmed our resources to collect them in a timely manner,” said DPW Director William O. Howland, Jr. “So, now we are taking all old cans that remain in public space [alleys and curbs] to relieve residents of the cluttered alleys and curbs.”

Director Howland added that residents who want to keep their old cans must take them out of public spaces such as alleys and curbs and put the cans on their own property until after their collection day, otherwise the cans left on public space will be removed and not returned.

The following schedule for Supercan removal for neighborhoods that routinely have their trash collected once per week was issued by DPW. Residents should look for the day their trash is usually collected to see the day their old cans will be removed:

{ }Saturday, May 10: Monday & Wednesday neighborhoods

Monday, May 12: Thursday neighborhoods

Tuesday, May 13: Friday neighborhoods

Wednesday, May 14: Monday neighborhoods

Thursday, May 15: Tuesday neighborhoods

Friday, May 16: Wednesday neighborhoods

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Following is the schedule of Supercan removal for neighborhoods that routinely have their trash removed twice per week:

Wednesday, May 14: Monday-and-Thursday neighborhoods

Saturday, May 17: Tuesday-Friday neighborhoods

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