D.C. pedicab regulations require seatbelts, other safety devices

The District of Columbia released new regulations on pedicabs that operate throughout the National Mall and rest of the city.

The rules were enacted retroactive to Aug. 1 and will be in effect for up to 120 days.

Most notable among the regulations include the requirement for each pedicab to have at least one seat belt and one battery-operated headlight.

Pedicabs must now also be equipped with tail lights, turn signals and a bell or other audio signal. It also states that the bicycle-powered vehicles cannot be operated on roads with posted speed limits over 30 MPH and cannot be operated or parked on a sidewalk.

For the complete list of regulations, you can visit the D.C. regulations website.

In July, pedicab drivers on the National Mall alleged that they were the target of harassment by U.S. Park Police.