D.C. parking tickets issued despite paying by phone

WASHINGTON (AP) - Some drivers in the District are still getting parking tickets, despite having used the city's new pay-by-phone parking system.

The Washington Examiner reports that every day, about 25 drivers who use the phone system to pay the meter still mistakenly get parking tickets.

Annandale resident Kristin Stone and her daughter found a ticket on their car last week, even after accidentally paying twice for the space. And they say customer service at ParkMobile, the company that runs the service, was unhelpful.

In December, AAA Mid-Atlantic reported that the agencies permitted to write parking tickets in the District were issuing citations at a rate of more than 5,000 per day.

The District Department of Transportation blames glitches in the system, which was implemented citywide in July. Hand-held devices carried by parking enforcement officers are supposed to be updated as soon as a payment is made.

But DDOT spokesman John Lisle says the data sometimes doesn't load right away.

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