D.C. parking: DDOT aims to make signs less confusing

Parking in the District can be a headache and it’s not just about the lack of spaces, the signs can also be confusing. But that could soon change.

“I think for most of them you need to have your lawyer present to really understand,” says Paul Meehan, a D.C. resident.

The signs were among the issues at Tuesday night’s parking meeting between residents and Angelo Rao, DDOT’s new manager of parking.

Rao says he’s launching programs to get the signs under control.

“Someone said there’s actually a million of one shape or another in D.C.,” he says.

One sign on Connecticut Ave. near R St. says “Police Parking Only,” and yet it has active parking meters. Some motorists don’t know what to do, but Paul Meehan does.

“I park here every day,” he says. “I don’t really pay attention to it. I just put my money in the meter and they ever ticket me. “

Another motorist looked at the sign with confusion and said it should be enforced.

“They should tow this car away. They should crush it in a compactor and bring it back about the size of a shoe box with a ticket on it,” says Jack Maginis, a D.C. resident.

Rao wants to take a new approach by putting four messages on one sign. He thinks it would take thirty seconds to read and would be progress.