D.C. organization helps homeless endure cold

The health of the homeless will be heightened this week. The weather is expected to get dangerously cold on Tuesday, putting many people at risk for hypothermia.

One D.C. organization is making sure that our homeless population receives supplies to protect them from the elements. From November 1 through March 31, United Planning Organization (UPO) is committed to helping the District's homeless population, 24/7.

"Yes I don't have anywhere to go... I'm going to find a heat grate to lay on," said a D.C. man who asked to remain anonymous.

He's part of the city's homeless population of more than 6,800. Many will still choose to be outdoors when the temperatures hover in the single digits.

"We have our Long Johns, and of course our blankets," said UPO outreach worker and driver Vincent Blackson.

Working for the past 13 years, Blackson and a team of five others travel the streets of D.C. everyday, ready to help.

"Under the bridges and things like that...we come and check," said Blackson.

Ahead of any cold snap, they hand out winter gear to those who need it most. But on Monday, we found many people who chose to spend the day elsewhere.

"You can talk them into coming on in at least for a night or two before it gets better," said Blackson.

If you know someone who's in need of shelter in the district this winter, call 3-1-1 or 1-800-535-7252.