D.C. officials introduce "Super Can" trash bins

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - They’re called “Super Cans.” The city has spent more than $11 million on new bins because they wanted to replace old ones that were falling apart.

Officials say the new ones will help control the rat population, and they hope that bigger bins will also encourage residents to recycle more.

"We actually can use a bigger one because we recycle a lot, we get two newspapers every day, [and] we recycle everything we possibly can -- all the plastics and so forth,” says Evelyn Idelson, who adds that it’s her and her husband’s way of helping the environment.

The 88-year-old says the process to get rid of the old ones wasn’t easy. An information packet came with instructions, which require you to call 311 and tell them that you want the old bins removed. Then you place a sticker on the ones you want removed.

However, you don't have to get rid of them completely. The city is allowing residents to keep them.

According to the Department of Public Works, those who want them gone should expect to have them taken away in 10 days, as the removal process has been slow due to the surplus of snow days.

We found Annie Lou Berman picking up new and used baby clothes, toys, and books for a local non-profit that distributes them to needy families. The D.C. resident says she isn’t sure the new trash bins were really needed:

"I wonder if that's the best way to spend money because my old trash bins were perfectly fine. We probably didn't need citywide trash bins."

In case you were wondering, the city says the old ones will be recycled.