D.C. named 'coolest' city in America by Forbes magazine

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – Washington, D.C. is the coolest city in America—at least according to Forbes.

The business magazine ranked D.C. as the “coolest” city thanks to a variety of features, including the District’s food and entertainment options and national monuments, that make it a “cool” and desirable place to live.

D.C. beat out cities such as San Francisco (ranked 5th), Boston (ranked 9th), New York (ranked 11th), and San Antonio, Texas (ranked 15th) for the top spot.

To compile the list, Forbes split the cities into two categories, wealthy cities and up-and-coming cities with affordable costs of living, according to the magazine.

Each city was also judged on the following criteria:

- The number of entertainment options in each city, including the number of professional and college sports-related events, zoos, parks and other recreational options, and cultural options

- The number of restaurants and bars that give the city its “foodie” factor

- How diverse the city is in terms of race and ethnicity.

- And population, particularly those with large amounts of residents aged 20-34.

D.C. wasn’t the only city in the region to make the list of America’s Coolest Cities. Bethesda, Maryland came in at number 20.