Flurries, light snow expected Monday night

Salt trucks hit the streets Monday night, prepping roads for the morning commute.

In Hagerstown, Md., precipitation started around 7 p.m.

Plow operator Beth Decker had plenty of time to pre-treat a grocery store parking lot.

"We're excited, love to be out here, push some snow, make a little money," she said.

Decker is hoping for more than just a dusting, like we've had for days on end.

In fact, it's snowed four consecutive days in the D.C. area. But accumulations have been meager at best.

Along I-270 in Montgomery County, state salt trucks were still on stand by. Their drivers waiting and wondering if it would snow.

"It's kind of teasing us with these dustings here and there,{ } little bit less than an inch. We definitely are looking forward to a nice big snow for sure," Decker added.

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