D.C. medical marijuana: Medical community split

Dr. Sakiliba Mines’ Institute of Multidimensional Medicine is part conventional, part alternative.

Treatments include an infra-red detox sauna, colon cleansing machine and possibly marijuana.

“It's just another option for substituting drugs that are very harsh,” Mines says.

Medicinal pot dispensaries say they're ready, but the health department has strict rules and pot is still illegal under federal law.

And the medical community itself is divided.

Dr. Daniel Perlin, president of the medical society of D.C., says marijuana has avoided standard government testing.

“It's being voted upon by the public and being implemented by politicians,” Perlin says. “There is no other medical treatment I can think of that has been implemented that way.”

He adds doctors can't control dosage or strength because pot is a plant, not a pill. And it's typically smoked - which itself is bad - and can easily be abused.

But Mines views marijuana as an herb, not a drug, and one that may ease suffering:

“It's just a plant like all the other plants with medicinal benefits,” Mines says.