D.C. mayoral candidate Bowser present at early polls

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - While the government may have been closed on Monday due to snow, the District’s early voting polling place at One Judiciary Square was open with mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser and her supporters present.

"The roads are clear and the Board of Elections is ready for us," said Bowser.

Voters took advantage of the day off, considering the snow day a perfect opportunity to get out and vote.

As for the effects of the snow elsewhere, it was frightening early this morning for Russell Padgett of New York Avenue:

"We hit some black ice and swerved onto the side of the street and just barely missed the tree."

On the National Mall, the snow gave the nation’s treasures a different look – the wreaths of the World War II Memorial and the statues were covered with snow. And on top of it all, middle school students visiting from South Florida were under-dressed because they didn’t own coats – some hadn’t even seen snow before!

Then there was the beauty of Georgetown, with no complaints from the staff at Georgetown Inn:

"I love it. I can't get enough snow. I'm a New Englander, I want more," said Charlie Davis.