D.C. man saves boy from attacking pit bulls, might face gun charges

      After he came to the rescue of an 11-year-old boy being attacked by a pack of pit bulls, a Northwest D.C. man's heroic act could land him in jail.

      Jayeon Simon, 11, was on his bicycle last Sunday when three pit bulls, loose on his street, zeroed in on him.

      "I was riding my bike with my friend Daniel," Jayeon says. "They started attacking me."

      A neighbor who doesn't want to be identified saw it, saying a man shot one of the dogs with a handgun.

      A bicycle cop in the area heard the shot and responded. He shot the other two dogs. All three were killed.

      Jayeon shows ABC7 his wounds, the bites on his arm and leg. And he says he was shot in the ankle by either the neighbor or police getting the dogs off him.

      But there are now questions about whether or not the handgun was legally registered.

      The gun owner referred ABC7 to his lawyer.

      A police spokesperson says there's been no arrest, and the case is under investigation.

      Some neighbors are saying they don't care whether the gun was legal or not.

      "They talked about charging him? Come on now," Tony Lawson says. "If that man hadn't did what he did, that little boy might be dead or wished he was dead."

      Police fined the dog owner $175 dollars for loose dogs that menace people.

      The man who shot the dog says he's not against pit bulls and that he has one of his own.

      Jayeon says he is afraid of dogs now.