D.C. man battles Pepco over power line repair fee

Robert Sorel would rather be spending his time playing the classics—not battling Pepco.

But he found himself at odds with the power company after the line connecting his home to the grid was pulling away from the house.

But, getting it fixed has proven tricky. He says Pepco first said to hire an electrician, but then said the electrician could not touch its power lines—so, the utility would have to turn off the power for a $500 fee.

“Once it falls it’ll knock my power out entirely,” Sorel said.

With the damage getting worse as the weeks ticked by, Sorel called 7 On Your Side for help.

“I've had three electricians come estimate the problem and they all said Pepco is giving me the runaround,” Sorel said.

After reviewing the situation at the request of ABC7, Pepco shut off the power and moved the line at no charge. They have now said that the issue has been resolved.

“Now, I can get some work done on my house, and it will look presentable. I'm thrilled,” Sorel said.

The repairs finally will leave Sorel able to focus on making beautiful music with his violin.

“If it hadn't been for channel 7…Pepco never would have stepped and done the right thing, so it was because of you,” Sorel said.