D.C. liquor stores open Sunday for first time in 80 years

For the first time in almost 80 years, D.C.’s liquor stores have been allowed to open on Sunday. The D.C. city council approved the historic measure last December.

The city hopes it will keep some of that tax revenue here, expected to be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Cairo Liquor owner Howie Aaronson says he made sure to be one of the first out the gate when the alcohol control board began accepting applications for extended licenses last week.

But he wasn't sure the word would get out to his customers.

"We really didn't have enough time,” Aaronson says. “I was only approved for my license on Thursday of this past week."

Still, his Dupont Circle neighbors lined up to get geared up for their Super Bowl parties.

"I'm picking out a wine for somebody who I'm going to their house, so I want to pick a good one,” says D.C. resident Lauren Battaglia.

Most customers said they were happy about the convenience. No more trips to Maryland and Virginia on Sundays.

"I think it brings D.C. in line with a lot of other cities across the country. (It’s) long overdue and it just makes life easier," says D.C. resident Jason Kanter.