D.C. license suspension law causes outrage among residents

The definition of reckless driving in some states is causing some outrage, as a D.C. law mandates a driver's license be suspended if a reckless driving ticket is received outside of the District.{ }

In Virginia, in some cases, 11 miles over the speed limit can net you a reckless driving ticket.

Eren Fry experience the law firsthand. The Northeast resident was stopped in Virginia last January. Fry was going 81 mph in a 70 mph zone.

"I paid about $250, thought that was the end of it and then when I renewed my license, D.C. license in May, I got a notice saying my license had been revoked," Fry explained.

With no prior violations, Fry couldn't believe it.

"Again I acknowledge I was speeding, but had no idea it was possible I could lose my license as a results of it," he said.

In Virginia, reckless driving is anything over 80 mph regardless of the speed limit. The offense will also net you six of the 24 points needed for license revocation.

In D.C., reckless driving is defined as "carelessly and heedlessly" speeding or driving “in a manner so as to endanger or be likely to endanger any person or property"

However, in Virginia, a driver wouldn't lose their license for going 11 miles over the speed limit.

D.C.'s DMV Director Lucinda Babers told The Washington Post the two are equivalent violations.

At least one D.C. Councilmember is siding with residents.

"So why are we enforcing this absurd law, and so I think we should be moving as rapidly as possible to changing it," Councilmember Jim Graham said.

D.C. Council's Transportation Committee plans to review the law via a hearing in September. The same month Fry's wife is due to deliver the couple's baby; he's worried about getting her to the hospital.

"I did get an attorney and filed an appeal, but they rejected ," Fry said.

Fry said his license is suspended until December. Unless D.C. Council repeals the law, he'll have to take a remedial class and pay a fine.