D.C. lesbian attack: Suspect arrested as internal investigation continues

An arrest has been made in connection with the violent attacks on lesbians in Columbia Heights who said that police wouldn't even write up police reports on the incidents.

Victims now say that today's arrest for the hate crime assaults never would have happened if it had been left up to officers on the scene.

A passerby at the Columbia Heights Metro station called police as two men attacked the group on July 30, but police say that the Gay/Lesbian Liaison Unity was not engaged until the victim's mother approached them three days later.

That's because they say responding officers refused to file a crime report.

D.C. Police have identified the man arrested as 19-year-old Christian Washington of Northwest. He has been charged with assault. It is alleged that derogatory terms were shouted at the group before the assault took place.

Assistant Chief of police Pete Newsham says that an internal investigation has identified five officers who were potentially involved.

A.J. Singletary, an activist, says that D.C. has the highest rate of crimes against gays in the nation.

"When people are engaged and working hard on a case, good stuff can happen," Singletary says. "We have to make sure that engagement happens in the first place."

One of the victims says that one of the suspects in the attack recorded the entire incident on his cell phone and continued to do so after police arrived.

Newsham says that police expect to arrest the other suspect as the internal investigation continues.