D.C. launches annual 'Potholepalooza'

(WJLA) - Dorothea Bilbro can’t even begin to count how many potholes she sees on a daily basis as a Southeast D.C. resident:

“A whole lot of them, a whole lot. I kept praying, God please don't let me bust my tire."

It’s a common fear in Southeast, with plenty of tire-busting potholes all around.

"You have to try to duck and dodge them," said Dorothea.

On Thursday, the District launched its annual spring Potholepalooza campaign to tackle the problem, left festering in the wake of our wild winter.

"This year has been so crazy because it's a continuous cycle -- it would rain one day, then it would snow the a results, you have some potholes that are recurring," explained DDOT supervisor James Baxter.

DDOT adds that it has filled more than 25,000 potholes this season already, but residents of Southeast -- where today’s event launched -- say their pothole problem has been largely ignored.

Though many of the potholes were filled during the event, they had been existent for well over a month.

With Potholepalooza now in high gear, D.C. Mayor Gray says the key in getting holes fixed is to report them to the city.

UPDATE: On Monday, April 22, crews filled 363 potholes, which now brings the total so far to more than 6,100 potholes filled. If you see a pothole, you are asked to call 311 or Tweet @DDOTDC. For more information, click here.