D.C. job fair helps veterans find work

Va. Secretary Eric Shinseki. (Photo: Jummy Olabanji/WJLA)

The D.C. Convention Center was abuzz with activity Wednesday during a job fair for veterans hosted by the Veterans Affairs Department

As part of the Joining Forces initiative, hiring managers from federal agencies and several private sector organizations were on hand to interview and extend tentative job offers to veterans from the D.C. region.{ }

Hundreds of veterans came to the event to get more information about where to go when active duty ends.

With homelessness and economic woes rising for veterans, many took part in the career fair.

"Veterans don't have the experience of the job search concept, so it's very important that you have this type of process so that we understand what it's like to search for employment," said Sgt. Maj. Parisa Fetherson.

Va. Secretary Eric Shinseki was on hand to greet the crowd and offer advice to vets waiting to meet with recruiters.

"A positive outcome [for me] would be a job interview or maybe even some leads to follow after that," said Capt. Zachary Henry. "Worst case scenario, some good ideas of some places I can go."