D.C. heat wave: Weekend temperatures expected to pass 100

Imagine working while walking on top of 300 degree asphalt on a day when the temperatures outside reach close to 100 degrees. That's what a crew working on the Adams Morgan revitalization project spent the day doing.

This record setting heat wave has now dragged into its ninth day. The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning for Saturday. And severe storms may be coming in on Sunday.

For pedicab drivers who make their money on the mall giving rides to tourists, there is no escaping the heat. They just pick up some tricks to cope.

“I take some ice and put it in a plastic bag and put it under my hat and I stay nice and cool,” says one.

With temperature supposed to be in the triple digits tomorrow, weekend plans are changing for many.

“Try to stay inside,” says D.C. resident Elizabeth Kleinrock. “Maybe try to hit up some museums that are nice an air conditioned.”

And some people continued to get their exercise. Pete Stinger refused to give up his lunchtime work out just because of near triple digit heat.

“I work and Friday night is Friday night,” he says. “Get a beer eat pizza and during lunch it's a break from the office.”