D.C. heat wave set to roast the nation's capital again

Make sure to keep hydrated this weekend, as temperatures and humidity levels soar. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The late June cool weather was nice while it lasted.

Thursday marked day one of another multi-day heatwave that is already hitting the greater D.C. region hard. The weather didn't break any records, but temperatures on Friday and Saturday have a chance to, and there's always a reason to be cautious.

No greater example of that can be displayed than the scene at the AT&T National golf tournament at Congressional Country Club, where several spectators were treated during the first round for heat-related illnesses.

"People are trying to walk the course - 18 holes - and they haven't done it in years," EMT Elaine Custead said. "They're not drinking enough. They're not hydrating with Gatorade or Powerade or that type of thing."

Golf fans were taking extra precautions before they even got to the tee box, getting themselves ready with some last-minute hydration before getting on buses to the course.

"I dressed in light clothes," golf fan Jennifer Rochester said. "I have water. I have my hat."

Getting around even proved to be a problem for some, as bumper-to-bumper traffic on the beltway led to trouble for Saul Galvan, whose car overheated on the way to a job.

"I'm worried that my car is going to break down later if I keep going, so I had to stop for a bit and then keep going," he said.

Temperatures are expected to soar to near 100 degrees, without factoring in humidity, as the weekend approaches. You can get a full forecast at the ABC 7 weather page.

In the meantime, everyone is buckling down and trying to find ways to stay cool yet again, especially those who are looking after children.

"We're trying to keep liquids in them so they don't get dehydrated," grandmother Katherine Einspahr, who looked after a pair of 7-month-old twins, said.