D.C. heat wave 2013: Unbearable heat continues in D.C.

Residents and tourists alike throughout the D.C. area are trying to stay cool Friday despite the record heat gripping the city.

Friday is the fourth consecutive day where the heat didn’t fall below 80 degrees. And the heat indexes were up around 110 degrees, meaning it felt unbearably hot and muggy.

Like so many others across the city, Curshawn Jackson faces the challenge of keeping her family cool. There are 11 children in all between Jackson and her husband.

They’re trying to get to doctor’s appointments in a vehicle with a broken air conditioner. But when he's not shuttling the kids around, Harold Jackson's working in the heat - as an iron worker.

“Especially when you're welding - you take that shield off and it's just a river of sweat,” he says.

Some residents tried to keep cool in pools. Others wouldn’t even venture out doors.

In one case, authorities in Frederick say the excessive heat may have contributed to a man’s death.

An excessive heat warning and heat advisory are in effect Friday as well.

In Dupont Circle ice was being delivered. Others clung to water bottles.

And Liyang Qin says carrying an umbrella is a cultural tradition from China. It helps her feel cooler.

"I don't know whether it's real or just, mentally," she says.

Some families took to the fountains to stay cool, but others say the best way besides air conditioning to beat the heat is to just sit in the shade.

With a slight breeze it's not so bad.