D.C. heat returns - mercury rises to 100

Washington D.C.'s summer of sizzle refuses to let up.

Cloud cover kept the temps down Thursday morning. But by midday, the sun was making a return and sent the mercury climbing. It reached 100 degrees at 4:20 p.m., which is the eighth time this summer that the temperature soared into the triple digits.

Some grabbed umbrellas for a little portable shade, while others kept a water bottle close at hand.

“It drains you, tires you out makes you feel sick really,” says Maryland resident Vernia Kennedy. “You can't do too much in heat like this.”

In southeast Washington, public works crews dug ditches and tried to cope with the heat. They're drinking water early and often and say this record breaking summer has been.

“Rough - especially when you're working out here it’s rough,” says Herb Osborn. “It varies. Sometime we're in the shade and today we're in the sun. This is one of the worst.”

Despite the heat advisory, a Laurel family headed to the National Mall with their four children, ages five months to six years.

They know to take precautions - especially for the baby.

“We made sure we had plenty of water when we left the house and when we're down here we'll grab some water as well,” says Laurel resident Kendra Chialastri.