D.C. gun owners must re-register their firearms by the thousands

(WJLA) - Thousands of District of Columbia residents who legally own and have registered guns with the city must renew them early this year or face having the registration expire.

MPD officials say that the city enacted an amendment the rules for registering firearms in the city which stipulates that those who registered a gun before Jan. 1, 2011 must now renew that registration within 90 days of their date of birth.

If they don't, that registration will be canceled and gun owners would be treated as new registrants. Owners of unlicensed guns in the District face fines and possible jail time.

The new rules mean that about 30,000 gun registrations will need to be renewed before April. The renewal process includes a gun owner appearing at MPD headquarters, submitting fingerprints and confirming their possession of the firearm that they already own.

Renewals cost $13 plus $35 for a background check.

The new regulations can be found here.