D.C. flooding: Woodbridge flood victims seek help

Residents seeking recover assistance.

Many residents who lived at a ravaged Holly Acres mobile home park in Woodbridge returned Tuesday to a scene of devastation.

A flash flood last week wiped out dozens of trailers at the mobile home park, leaving hundreds of people homeless.

The victims are now asking Prince William County, the state and federal governments for assistance.

“There are at least 60 to 75 families that lost it all, we don't have nothing,” said Patricia Ochoa, one of the residents displaced by the floods.

The owner of Holly Acres says he also sought assistance for the former occupants. The calls for help grow more urgent. Many of the families are at a nearby Red Cross shelter that will closes in a few days.

“We are very firm on that deadline that facility is no longer available after Friday,” said Corey Stewart, Prince William County Commission Chair.

Prince William county has designated social-service workers to assist in the search for new housing for the displaced residents. Residents have not received help from the state or FEMA.

Some 70 mobile homes rot in moist heat.

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