D.C. flooding possible tonight

D.C. area residents braced themselves Friday for intense raining and possible flooding just two weeks after major flooding swamped the region.

The National Weather Service issued flash flood warnings for several local areas, including Anne Arundel, Frederick and Carroll counties in Maryland.

There is the potential for up to three inches of rain falling.

Flooding reports arrived from Frederick County in Maryland. Route 77 is closed near Owens Creek while Route 550 is flooded and closed near Creagerstown. A portion of route 76 is flooded near Mount Saint Mary's College.

“It's a lovely mess,” said Mike Kress of Marlboro Tire.

Two weeks ago, his office was completely flooding and he’s still mopping up from the storm.

He has fans and wet vacs everwhere and in his main service bay a dehumidifier hums away in a sealed trailer.

“We've been using that to dry out our electronics with some success,” he said. “If the rain keeps up today we're gonna have to move that trailer.”

Furious flooding surged in Prince William County when Tropical Storm Lee struck two weeks ago. Route One's commuter corridor ran like a river, claiming dozens of homes in Holly Acres.

Across the Woodbridge area Friday, the rain just keeps on coming.

"It's nature - we have rain that others don't have," says resident Amelia Wonlue. "For me, it's too much."

Swollen creeks, downed trees - high water marks on buildings.

All signs of the rain that has barely abated, since flooding hammered the area two weeks ago.

Surveyor David Francis was inspecting a partly collapsed retaining wall at a condo complex off Breezy Ridge Way.

"It seems to be eroding, and blew out the bottom of the wall for some reason," he said. "I don't know why the structural part of it gave out."

At the Holly Acres Trailer Park, the rain and the flooding have brought only misery.

"Big time frustrating," says resident Manuel Castro.

Trailers and possessions are sitting, exposed to the elements.
The area smells like a sewer.

"Everybody trying to do the best we can," he said. "That's all we can do."