D.C. firefighter claims personal death threats

(WJLA) - A firefighter and EMT stationed at Engine 13 in Southwest D.C. told ABC7 that on Tuesday, he made a sarcastic remark to a member of the Secret Service about personal threats to him and joked: “What do I have to do to get people’s attention about these threats?”

One of his jobs is waiting in a fire truck near the White House when the President’s helicopter lands -- but now, a source familiar with the incident says that since the conversation concerned the Secret Service, the firefighter ended up getting pulled off the job.

"Death threats [were] made toward me -- fires being set on my property that terrified my wife and myself both," claims the firefighter, who are not identifying at this time. He adds that for the last couple of years, he has faced a number of cyber and physical attacks that left him rattled.

Even his neighbors told us that for a time, he was so concerned about his safety that he apparently put more than a dozen booby traps in his backyard.

However, the firefighter told us in a voicemail that police botched the investigation -- so much to the point that he has lost his house and split with his wife.