D.C. firefighter arrested, charged in dispute with police

D.C. firefighter Keith Chung was arrested last week outside an I-Hop in Takoma Park.

According to a police report, Chung parked in a handicap spot a few days ago outside a local restaurant and then got into a heated disagreement with police. At one point police say he was screaming, cursing and insulting officers. And some of it was caught on camera.

The video shows a Dodge Challenger improperly parking in a handicap spot at around 3:30 saturday morning in front of the I-Hop in Takoma Park.

The driver who stepped out, according to the police report, was Keith Chung, 25.

Several minutes later an officer gave Chung a ticket. A few minutes after that, Chung took the ticket and before stepping into his car dropped it on the ground. At that point, officers approached him and, according to the report, Chung "…refused to produce his license .... refused multiple orders to exit the vehicle .... replied with various expletives…based on race and assumed sexual orientation of the officers."

After he was cuffed, a cage car was brought in and "…once inside (Chung) put his feet up and began attempting to kick out the rear window."

Officers say they had to use a "…strap…wrapped around his ankles…" to transport him to a police station.

Police charged him with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, open container of alcohol, willfully disobeying an officer and littering.

On Wednesday, a man who used the very handicap spot that Chung pulled into, Vietnam veteran Bill Sullivan, reacted to the allegations levelled against Chung.

A spokesperson for D.C. Fire/EMS says Chung is now on administrative leave and will remain so until his case is resolved.

ABC7 talked briefly with Chung Wednesday night on the phone to get his side of the story. He said he only had the time to tell us that he thought he had been cited for, only littering.