D.C. Fire/EMS does more with less than other comparable departments

File photo: ABC7

WASHINGTON (AP) - The District of Columbia Fire and EMS department is trying to make do with less than half the paramedics employed by urban departments with similar staffing models and call volumes.

Here is a breakdown of emergency medical call volumes and paramedic staffing in the district and similar departments, using data compiled by The Associated Press and the International Associat1ion of Fire Fighters.

The medical call numbers are from 2011, the latest year figures are available. The total number of paramedics combines those on ambulances and fire engines.

{ } Number of calls (2011) Avg. Paramedics on Duty Avg. Paramedics in Ambulances District of Columbia 130,000 35 14 Columbus 137,000 96 64 Jacksonville 95,000 68 34 Memphis 106,000 148 36 Phoenix 120,000 166 34 San Antonio 131,000 66 66