D.C. Fashion Week, a week of glamour in the city, comes to a close

photo: Yasmeen Alamiri

Diplomats, models, and fashion watchers alike poured into the French Embassy Sunday night to take part in a night of high glamour and high fashion in D.C.

The night’s International Couture fashion show capped off the week-long D.C. Fashion Week, featuring fashion designers from across the globe that were lucky enough to make their way to the U.S. to show in the District. Designers from Nigeria, Ukraine, Morocco, Thailand and other countries were present at the show.

D.C. Fashion Week is flanked by the notable Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion week last week and the respective Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks next week.

“There is music, art, language” that are all uniting factors, said Turkish scarf designer{ }Katharina Ozcan, President of Zermatt Outerwear.

PHOTOS: See scenes from the show.

“I think fashion is a new form of diplomacy in D.C.,” Ozcan said, telling ABC7 that she hopes her work will help both her country as well as the local economy here in the region, because she charges local sales tax on all of the items she sells.

“When you think about Washington D.C., growing up in Turkey, you think about diplomacy,” she said, adding that the chance to spotlight and sell her work in D.C. is a great opportunity for a woman raised abroad.

The semi-annual non-profit event is also used by many of the international designers as a forum to make a statement. For Olga DeNogga, a Ukrainian designer who was showing her collection at D.C. Fashion Week for the second time, her clothing is a way to tout strong, independent women.

This year’s collection, which centers around suit pants and jackets, was inspired by DeNogga’s last visit to D.C. where she was amazed by how women were seen within mainstream society as both strong and beautiful.

The closing show happened to land on the same night as the Oscars. Though celebrities were walking the red carpet in Hollywood, it seemed that the red carpet at D.C.'s Fashion Week seemed to shine just as bright.

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