D.C. family grief-stricken after 3-year-old Xavier Lyles found mysteriously dead

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Questions remain and loved ones are grief-stricken Wednesday after the death of a 3-year-old D.C. boy.

Police, fire and EMS units arrived to the home, located in the 1500 block of Pomeroy Road SE, shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday on a report of a child dead and in rigor mortis. The child was identified by the family as 3-year-old Xavier Lyles.

The child's grandmother, Tracey Brown, said her daughter had called her that morning screaming unintelligibly.

"When she finally got through to me [about what had happened], I couldn't do nothing but drop my phone," Brown said. "He's just a baby. He's a baby."

Her husband said they'd had 3-year-old Xavier all weekend, bringing him home on Monday.

"When we got the call this morning, we could not believe it - because he was with us yesterady and he was all right," Isaac Brown said. "So what happened when he got home? I don't know, and i'm not going to elaborate on that."

Police have yet to characterize the death, but the fire department confirmed that some of its employees were so overcome with grief on seeing the child that it dispatched counselors.

The child's body lay in an ambulance on the scene for hours, awaiting review by high-level officials, which was rough on the family.

At one point, Isaac Brown, the grandfather, needed medical attention himself with the heat and stress, after hours of being questioned at the home.

Xavier's mother, who also has a 9-year-old and a newborn, left with police.

Xavier's grandparents described the 3-year-old as a happy child, who loved spending time with them. He was excited about starting to go to school in the fall, they said.