D.C. family celebrates National Adoption Day

One D.C. family is planning to add two more adopted children to their family in a special ceremony set for Saturday’s National Adoption Day.

The Leech family includes children between 10 months and 10 years old, all adopted by Timothy and Tyronetta.

"We wanted children. I had Stage 4 Endemetriosis and was told we couldn't have children,” said Tyronetta Leech, who’s been married to Timothy for eight years.

They first adopted 7-year-old Jenel three years ago, then Tyrone, now 4. Gemee, also 4, followed. The family planned to stop there until the grandfather of Gemee's 10-year-old biological brother Joshua, who was rearing the boy, died.

"They contacted us and asked if we would be willing to take Joshua, we said ‘of course,’” Timothy Leech, a cook at Howard University, said.

Then another brother of Gemee and Joshua needed a home. Again, the Leech’s said yes.

Therefore, they are part of an adoption ceremony at D.C. Superior Court Saturday to formally add two more children to their family. Of the 90 Superior Court judges, 14 are themselves adoptive parents.

"For many of us, when you're handling the cases on such a personal individual level. It really opens your mind,” said Judge Juliet McKenna, who is an adoptive parent.

"I'm just excited… that finally I got somebody to play with and I'm just excited that I'm getting adopted,” said 10-year-old Joshua.