D.C. enjoys record warm weekend

(Photo: Flickr user elvertbarnes)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - On Sunday local residents enjoyed a second straight day where the record high temperature was either broken or tied.

"It feels like Florida," D.C. resident Paul Medina said Sunday night as he walked around Georgetown in a T-shirt and shorts. "It's Christmastime, and you've got beautiful feels like spring time all over again."

Although Saturday was the much nicer of the two days sunshine-wise, both Saturday and Sunday saw highs of 72 at National Airport. That was enough to break the all-time record for the date on Saturday, and enough to tie it on Sunday. On both days, the temperature was 27 degrees above average.

"It's weird for Christmas, but it's really nice to be able to go out and not have to put on five layers," said Jade Wong-Baxter as she went Christmas shopping with her mother.

While D.C. and other cities like New York enjoyed far warmer than normal temperatures, a wild mix of weather affected large parts of the rest of the country.

In Kentucky, several people were killed due to flooding.

In Arkansas, one person died after an F2 tornado struck the small town of Hughes.

In Kansas and a few other Midwestern states, snow caused problems.

And throughout parts of the Midwest, Great Lakes, and New England, an ice storm wreaked havoc.

Back in DC, Sunday marked the 6th time this month temperatures have been above average by double digits.

But at times the month has been anything but warm -- there have also been three days where the temperature was below average by double digits. For instance, on December 8th, the high of 34 was 15 degrees below normal.