D.C. earthquake: What did you feel?

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.8 has been felt throughout the D.C. metro area and throughout the East Coast.

What did you feel? Where were you when it struck? You can tell us in a number of ways:

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Judy Hill lives about 40 miles from Mineral, near the epicenter of the earthquake in Virginia. “I believe we felt a gentle after tremor about 10 minutes ago (around 3 p.m.),” she emailed WJLA. “We definitely felt and heard the original shock - pictures dancing on the walls, things falling off bookshelves. Felt like ten trucks rumbling through my shaking house.”

Jim Ball says he heard the earthquake coming from his Clifton yard. “Heard dogs in the distance start howling. Then it sounded like a train coming, There is a train in Clifton where I live. It started to get worse, porch table starts shaking, the house windows start rattling and the chimney starts to sway. What a scary situation!”

Meanwhile, we've been getting a ton of tweets and Facebook messages about what you felt and saw during the earthquake. Here's a sampling of your reactions.