D.C. earthquake: See video of the quake

After the 5.8 earthquake, thousands turned to social media to share their experience. Many posted pictures and video to various websites, some scary, some funny.{ }This video shows bottles breaking in a D.C. wine shop.

Mineral, Va. is reportedly the epicenter of the quake. It was felt from Ohio to New York.

A District of Columbia fire department spokesman said there were no reports of serious injuries or deaths.

Pictures started shaking in a goodwill store in D.C., items started falling, and people went running. A cell phone camera recorded the damage at a Target store in our region, where the quake brought down the ceiling tiles.

The earthquake interrupted a live weather forecast as well as an interview by ABC7’s Cynne Simpson.

A camera at a Fairfax office caught the damage from the quake. No one made a faster exist than a pharmacy technician in Chester, Va., who claimed outside through a drive-through window.

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