D.C. Earthquake: one year later

Thursday marks the one year anniversary of the powerful earthquake that rocked much of the D.C. area. The quake measured 5.8 and shattered windows, damaged buildings and caused major traffic delays in the region.

Here are updates to some of our area’s most notable buildings.

The Washington Monument
D.C.’s tallest building was cracked during the quake. Structural engineers shut the monument down immediately and it remains closed nearly one year later.

Smithsonian Castle building
The chimney to the Smithsonian Castle building was significantly damaged. It has been secured, but not repaired.

The National Cathedral
Stones were chipped, pinnacles and finials were damaged and millions of dollars are needed to repair it all. Stones that fell from the tower are on display as reminders of how much damage the earthquake did and how much money must be raised for its restoration. Repairs are underway.

Mineral, VA was the epicenter of the quake. It was felt from Ohio to New York. U.S. Geological Survey officials say it was the strongest earthquake in Virginia in 100 years.

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