D.C. drivers named worst in Allstate study

A new study claims Washington, D.C. drivers are the worst in the country.

According to Allstate Insurance, drivers who live in D.C. zip codes are more likely to be involved in a traffic accident than drivers from any other place.

"On average, we see a driver have a crash every 10 years," Allstate Spokesman Adam Polak said. " D.C., that's once every 4.7 years."

In the eighth annual report, D.C. is followed closely by Baltimore. Allstate found the best drivers in small cities out west. The insurance company says drivers in those smaller locales are three times less likely to have an accident than D.C. drivers.

Polak said, "So while there could be differences with the size of the city, there's still a lot of personal responsibility in how you behave behind the wheel."

By the way, Sioux Falls, South Dakota was rated number one in Allstate's "Best Drivers Report." It's the city's fifth time in the top spot.

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