D.C. deputy fire chief retires after inaccurate information given

D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe said Wednesday that the deputy chief has retired following an acknowledgement that his department submitted inaccurate information to the D.C. Council.

While department will not release the name of the deputy chief, Ellerbe said that the deputy chief responsible for the report retired, The Washington Post reported.

Ellerbe acknowledged the inaccuracy that was presented to the D.C. Council during a performance review, saying that his office submitted an “old fleet schedule” in the review. Because of the incident, Ellerbe said he accepted the retirement of a deputy chief of the fleet maintenance division, The Post reported.

“As a result of this oversight and inaccurate communication .?.?. the Deputy Chief has informed me of his decision to retire, which I have accepted,” Ellerbe’s statement said.