D.C. area deep freeze hits third day in a row

(WJLA) - On Thursday, the D.C. area experienced its third day of a deep freeze with very little relief in sight.

People all over the area bundled up just to go outside for a few minutes as more and more ice started to appear in the Potomac River -- which is partially frozen for the second time in three weeks.

Meanwhile many local school districts have still not held classes all week. In Loudoun County, students had known since Wednesday that classes were cancelled until at least Monday.

"I definitely am very happy that they cancelled the whole week," said Dominion High student Eric Dulik in Sterling.

Dulik was supposed to have exams this week, but thanks to the weather, those exams will now be optional instead of mandatory. He doesn't plan to take them even though he says he studied a lot.

"[It's] because there's still a chance that a bad grade could pop up even though you did study," he said.

Still, both Eric and his mother Anna say the system probably could have safely held classes Thursday, let alone Friday.

"It's a little bit slick in some places, but I think we could have managed," Anna Kulik said.

"Overall it's not too bad, it's not enough for them to call school," Eric said.

A school district spokesperson told ABC7 the district was concerned not just about some neighborhood roads that are still icy, but also sidewalks. That's because roughly 20,000 of Loudoun's 73,000 students walk to school.

Driving through the Sterling area Thursday night, ABC7 found plenty of icy sidewalks, as well as some neighborhood roads that still had ice and snow on them.