D.C. Councilmembers served subpoenas

Several D.C. Councilmembers were served with subpoenas Tuesday in connection with a key city donor to local politicians.

The subpoenas were served on some councilmembers and are asking for all records “referring or relating to” Jeff Thompson, a campaign contributor who had his house and offices raided recently by federal authorities, according to WTOP.

Federal authorities are looking for campaign and fundraising documents, according to Washington City Paper.

Among the politicians who have benefited from him: Mayor Vincent Gray, Chairman Kwame Brown and most elected officials in the Wilson building.

Thompson's Charter Health, which provides for D.C. Medicaid patients, does hundreds of millions of dollars of business with the city.

Thompson's associate Jeanne Harris was also raided by the FBI.

At a Ward 7 debate at Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist in Southeast Tuesday night, councilmember Yvette Alexander said she has not received a subpoena.

Other council members said the same thing but added they expect to get one soon.

Some members say they're not worried.

"We crossed our T's, dotted our I's, and reported everything we needed to report," says Councilmember Michael Brown.

People at Tuesday night’s forum hope if there's corruption, it's rooted out.

"I do think it's a good thing that they're taking it very seriously,” voter Kemry Highes says. “It's not a good thing for the city to have us under this cloud of corruption."

Since the subpoena demands documents going back to 2003, even former councilmembers like Kevin Chavous expect to get one, and says this probe could be a good thing for D.C.

"All of these things will help restore confidence,” Chavous says. “We know we've got to clean up our act, but it's going to be okay. This is a resilient town, we've survived worse."