D.C. Council to consider bill on expired tags

(Photo: Flickr/Suko's License Plates)

WASHINGTON (AP) - The D.C. Council will hold a hearing on a bill that would permanently end the practice of arresting drivers for expired license plates.

The Council passed emergency legislation last month that ended the arrests, which were apparently unique to the nation's capital.

The new bill would impose civil rather than criminal penalties for expired tags. Those whose tags have been expired for less than 30 days would face a $100 fine, while those who fail to renew for longer would face a possible $200 fine and impoundment of their vehicle.

AAA Mid-Atlantic is asking the Council to remove the provision calling for impoundment of vehicles. Spokesman John Townsend, who plans to testify at Tuesday's hearing, says the impoundment provision opens the door to abuse by police and towing companies.