D.C. Council set to vote on new bill that would change appeals process for bad parking tickets

(WJLA) - Washington, D.C. residents who want to challenge the city's appeal process for bad parking tickets could get some help soon if the D.C. Council passes a new bill.

Oladugba isn't alone. Critics say the process for appealing tickets is unfair and needlessly long. If you challenge your ticket and lose, you can appeal the decision — but there is a two-year backlog. And to the dismay of many drivers, the city doesn't have to explain why your challenge was denied, making a potential appeal for a re-hearing nearly impossible.

The D.C. Council will vote on a bill on Wednesday that could allow residents to request a rehearing for a parking ticket challenge and learn why their appeal of a ticket was denied, according to WAMU. Residents could see an answer in about 30 days, which is significantly less than the current appeals process that takes as much as six months.

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