D.C. Council primaries: Will Marion Barry keep Ward 8?

D.C. Council member Marion Barry faces a tough test tomorrow. The Ward 8 council member and nationally known politician faces four Democratic challengers in Tuesday's primary.

Barry told ABC7 that he "feels good" about his chances Tuesday. Barry has won 11 out of 12 of his political campaigns.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Darrell Gaston said he hopes to win the Ward 8 Democratic primary and unseat Barry, the incumbent.

"After 25 years of council member Barry's service, we shouldn't be begging for a sit down restaurant, a commercial corridor or a safer community," Gaston said.

Gaston, who wasn't even born when the former mayor first ran for office in D.C., said he realizes he faces an uphill battle.

Another of Barry's opponents, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Sandra Seegers, said she hopes her third council run will be the charm.

"People are tired of Mr. Barry, and usually the people on the street who say they'll vote for him don't vote at all," Seegers said.

If Barry is worried about his detractors in this election, he's not showing it.

"They don't have a record of accomplishment, so what do you expect them to say? I say run as hard as you can. The people know what's best for them," Barry said.

Former Ward 8 Democratic Party head Jacque Patterson will face off against Barry for the second time, and Natalie Williams, Barry's former press secretary, is running against him, too.

At a Ward 8 town hall meeting Monday, voters were split in their opinions of Barry.

"I'm going to support Barry because he's done great things for our community," said Danielle Byrd, a Ward 8 voter.

"He's up in age, and they take advantage of him. The youth in Ward 8 don't have what the youth have in Wards 1 and 2," said Joseph Johnson.