Eastern Market robberies discussed at community meeting

(WJLA) - On Wednesday night, a standing room only crowd expressed concerns amid the three assaults that took place in the Eastern Market area.

"As a single woman walking around in my neighborhood, I should feel safe in my home -- and I don't," says Capitol Hill resident Jessica Falborn.

"You know, give your wallet, it's not worth your life and all that...and she was still cut," adds Alyssia Reiner.

Two robberies happened just within two blocks of each other near Eastern Market, and then the third near the NoMa Gallaudet Metro station. Police say this man who used a victim's credit card in Prince George's County is a person of interest in all three.

And residents say they are seeing other problems in the area, too.

"I was the pedestrian victim of a hit-and-run," says one.

"I was assaulted at gunpoint," says another.

"I was mugged at gunpoint about two months ago," says Falborn, who is now considering moving away from Capitol Hill altogether after these latest crimes:

"Now knowing that there's someone else doing a similar crime, harming women, taking their belongings, it just makes you not want to go out alone."

Police say that among other things, they have increased patrols. But some say it will take more to stop these crimes.

"I feel like the only thing that's going to deter crime is just more visible police officers, and having them respond after something happens doesn't stop what already happened," says Reiner.