D.C. Council corruption grows

Since their election two years ago, three members of the D.C. City Council have been convicted of felonies and two are under investigation. But Mayor Vincent Gray continues to be mum on the subject of corruption.

D.C. Council member Vincent Orange is the latest elected leader in Washington to come under legal scrutiny. Federal investigators have been in contact with him about finances in his past campaigns, including a run for mayor in 2006.{ }

Michael Brown, another former D.C. Council member, recently pleaded guilty to bribery as the feds released photos of him accepting thousands of dollars in cash from undercover agents.

“These are obviously ongoing situations… I really don’t have any comments on them,” says Mayor Vincent Gray.

The Choi family at the Florida Avenue Market are long-time supporters of Orange, and now they’re being subpoenaed.

The government is also investigating two others. Marion Barry this week said he had accepted thousands of dollars in gifts from city contractors.

“We exist in a climate where people are being watched and that’s why those in office have to be very careful about their character,” says Reverend Gralan Hagler of the Plymouth United Church of Christ.

“The Choi’s are going to be cooperating and sharing whatever information because they’ve really done nothing wrong and everything has been appropriate in the relationship,” says attorney A. Scott Bolden.

What are Bolden’s views on what some call a crisis of corruption in Washington?

“I think elected officials ought not to be giving the U.S. Attorney’s Office a change to put them in this position. You got to say no to the money.”