D.C. considers plan to use firefighters to deter crime

A D.C. deputy has a new idea to post firefighters in neighborhoods to sit in their trucks as a deterrent to crime.

But it's not a popular idea with the fire union.

The idea comes from Deputy Mayor Paul Quander. So, Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe says when firefighters are not busy with other tasks they should park and deter trouble.

Under the plan, firefighters would sit outside of swimming pools when kids get out and would park near ATMs to deter robberies of summer youth workers with their pay cards.

Ward 8 School Rep. Trayon White thinks it's a great idea.

"It takes a whole village to raise a child and the fire department is part of that village," White says.

But many firefighters, police, and residents don't think it's a good idea, noting that the firefighters wouldn't be armed and aren't trained for that kind of security.{ }{ }