Census study: Record influx of commuters in D.C.

New census figures{ }from 2010 show that Washington D.C.'s population nearly doubles during the workday due to the massive amount of commuters heading into the city.

Thanks to the commuter influx, the District's population rose from 584,000 to 1.05 million each day, an increase of 79 percent. And D.C. is growing faster than any city in the nation, according to figures that show the 2012 population to be 632,323.

The study also shows that more people are living farther out in the suburbs and commuting to the city – more so than anywhere else in the country.

It’s hard on commuters and city residents and even on tourists.

Some commuters struggle with rationalizing if the long trip to work is worth it.

Chuck McClellan takes a bus into the city from Calvert County. He says he spends 2-3 hours per day on the bus.

Erica McCorkle moved from Crofton, Maryland to Arlington. She still has a 30-minute commute, but that’s still much better than an hour and a half from Crofton, she says.

Boston was second on the list of cities experiencing a large influx of commuters.

Los Angeles and New York still have the largest number of daily commuters overall.