D.C. closes libraries on Sundays

There's another victim of D.C. budget cuts. Sunday hours at the city's main library are being eliminated.

The Martin Luther King Library, the city's main library, was open from 1-5 p.m., but beginning October 2, for the first time in decades, D.C will offer no library service on Sundays.

Outside the main library Tuesday, people waited in lines and in clusters. It doesn't open on Tuesday until noon, so they can keep it open until 9 p.m.

And now, worse for the patrons, for the first time in decades the library will be closed on Sundays:

It's bad news indeed for many groups. The library's computer stations are always full. Families come here on Sundays with children. Teens do homework.

The library's numbers show staffing the main branch on Sundays costs $316,000 per year or $1.3 million to staff all the libraries.

Some library patrons are understanding of the city's position, but many are not.