D.C. Central Kitchen helping kids eat healthy

Kids explain some of the foods they like. (Photo: Rebecca McDevitt.

It's fresh feature Friday at the Washington Jesuit Academy.

Today's veggie? Broccoli served three ways.

The kids actually compete to be the first in line to try the broccoli. Yes. Broccoli.

The program is run by the D.C. Central Kitchen, which prepares thousands of meals for low-income students at D.C. schools every day.

On one day, the students vote for their favorite broccoli concoction, and next month, it will be on their lunch menu.

“The one thing we're trying to accomplish is exposure and nutrition by exposure, really showing them that there are variety of veggies out there and they might actually like them if they gave them a try,” says Katie Nash, program manager for school food services.

Howard Thomas, executive chef at the school, says the students are enjoying the vegetables so much he's taking it a step further.

“Started a cooking class with these guys every Wednesday trying to teach them necessary things, know responsibilities as far as eating healthy for one and learning how to cook for themselves,” Thomas says.

And all of the students will be given a recipe card for the day’s winner so they can make it at home anytime.