D.C. cabs to accept credit cards by March 31

Photo: John Hendel

The District of Columbia will soon mandate that each of the city's 6,500 taxicabs accept credit cards by the end of March, officials announced Friday.

As first reported by the Washington Post's Mike DeBonis, the D.C. Taxicab Commission will introduce new rules next week that will force every cab in the District to accept credit card payment by March 30. The Commission said in a press release that it will use its regulatory authority to require all cabs to accept non-cash payment.

The move comes months after a dispute between the city and Verifone, a company that had been awarded a multi-million dollar contract to install smart meters in every D.C. Taxi, led to the deal being overturned by the city. The Taxicab Commission says it is officially canceling its pursuit of the smart meter program.

"In order to swiftly offer a system for non-cash payments and add other components of modernization it is critical to require all taxis in the District to immediately obtain the appropriate equipment," DCTC Chairman Ron Linton said in a statement.

The commission also announced it will soon put out bids for companies to provide other new features, including driver verification, advertising and guidance systems. Those are expected to be implemented by July.

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