D.C. cabs in red? Panel recommends color

Residents and visitors to the District could soon be seeing red. And it’s not because of Valentine’s Day.

Earlier Wednesday, a D.C. Taxicab Commission panel recommended a uniform color for all taxicabs in the District. The commission says effort to make all cabs look the same stems from an objective to modernize the cab industry in D.C. by creating a more customer-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing vehicle. They say it would also help cut down on illegal cab operations.

Roy Spooner is the manager of the Yellow Cab company and is adamantly against plans to make all cabs one color. He says it would disenfranchise his company and his dispatch-driven service wouldn’t stand out from the average street-hailed cabs.

“Building a brand within 75 years all to be thrown away because somebody wanted something pretty,” says Spooner.

He says there is no disregard for companies who have invested in the industry.

It’s a problem for independent drivers, like Larue Wiggins, who would have to pay for the costs out of his own pocket.

“How is it to our advantage for all cabs to be one color?” he asks.

He’s been driving a cab for 46 years.

“Supposed to be some give and take, but the cab driver is not getting anything.”

Neville Waters, spokesman for the D.C. Taxicab Commission, says that they will outline next steps for developing a design. This{ } will include the statutory requirements for the D.C. logo, the company name, phone number and identification and DCTC certification.

It is projected that the design that incorporates these elements will be ready to be presented at the next General Commission scheduled for Wednesday March 13.