D.C. arm wrestling team: Strong-arming for a cause

A group of local women are muscling their way into a world of costumes and entourages as members of the D.C. lady’s arm wrestling team.

Match by match, they're hoping to attract as much attention as possible, with the intent of giving back to the community.

As they take the stage, the women, who are Washington professionals by day, are transformed into their alter egos.

They're stepping outside their comfort zone, and into costumes, as members of the new D.C. ladies arm wrestling team, D/CLAW.

A rapidly increasing number of women are taking hold of this sport. The first female arm wrestling team started in Charlottesville in 2008, and last year, D.C. and a handful of other cities added teams, and now, there are 18 cities from across the country represented.

Each wrestler has an entourage taking bets on the matches to raise money for a designated charity.

At this tournament, the team raised more than $6,000 for Miriam’s Kitchen.

“It's wacky, it's fun, it's getting community involved and working for charities,” said Ashley Lawson, who is an arm wrestler and a volunteer at Miriam’s Kitchen.

Some of the wrestlers are in it to win it.

“I'm prepared, I've been training in the forest, dragging logs,” said Adele Fenwick, who is a professional tree farmer.

Others are just having fun.

“I can be humiliated for a few minutes to raise money, it's okay,” said Sonia Owens, an attorney by profession.

But they all agree that wrapping their wrists together is a perfect way to extend a helping hand to others.

The next match will be Saturday, January 26th at Penn Social.

Find them on Facebook here.